Depression and Anxiety

Everyone feels 'down' or that they're having a 'bad day' occasionally. But if you've been sad, moody, angry, tearful, unable to sleep or concentrate, and have lost interest in doing things you used to enjoy, for more than a couple of weeks, the chances are that you are depressed.

Depression and anxiety (over-worrying about events that unlikely to occur) are common, but are commonly untreated mental health issues for a large number of people.

In Australia, anxiety affects around 14% of the population, and depression 6%, and these figures only refer to those who seek assistance. Around 54% of our population do not access treatment, and often turn to alcohol and/or other drugs to self-medicate. There is also a high rate of mortality by suicide as a result of untreated depression and other mental health issues.

Seeking the help of your G.P. and other mental health professionals you can trust, is important, and can make a big difference to your quality of life. Reach out to someone now. For all mental health issues, RECOVERY is the rule, not the exception.

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